Holiday Terrariums: A Video of Decorated Wardian Cases

Sugar Plum Terrariums

Seven talented gardeners, who happen to be well-known garden writers, created holiday terrariums this year using H. Potter Wardian cases.

Enjoy their creativity in this video of the holiday terrariums!

Terrariums Designed by Garden Writers

Presenting our wonderful terrarium gardeners, in order of appearance on the video:

Patty Craft is Publisher & Editorial Director at Horticulture magazine.

Kylee Baumle writes from Our Little Acre.

Chris McLaughlin is A Suburban Farmer.

Aimee Gertsch gardens and cooks at Aimee’s Blog.

Helen Yoest is always Gardening With Confidence.

Michaela lives in The Gardener’s Eden.

Genevieve Schmidt is an expert on North Coast Gardening.

Tiny Garden Decor for Terrariums

Patty’s verdant terrarium shelters an iridescent angel that was beaded for her by a family member.

Kylee’s lighted Christmas tree reflects on lots of fun details tucked all around her woodsy scene.

Aimee’s Wardian case plays holiday host for two stout penguins.

In Helen’s terrarium look for the cardinal perched among her seasonal greenery and berries.

Michaela’s Wardian case is a Nutcracker dream of toys around the tree, under a crescent moon.

Holiday Plants in the Terrariums

Chris mixed variegated polka-dot plants with holly berries, topping it all off with a string of Christmas ornaments.

Gen brought in colorful cyclamen for a fresh and seasonal look — and got some attention from curious roommates.

More Posts on Holiday Terrariums

Most of the garden writers are posting about their terrariums too! Read their own stories about the decorated Wardian cases at these links:

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And watch a new video about a favorite H. Potter Wardian case.

Happy Holidays to Our Talented Garden Writers and Their Terrariums!

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