The Most Beautiful Tomato Cage in the World

I love having a tomato plant growing in a garden container on the deck.

Every summer morning when we eat breakfast outside we check the tomato plant’s progress. If you’re living up-close-and-personal with a tomato plant you don’t want to look at a shaky, rusty and boring tomato cage.

H. Potter to the rescue! For an edible garden with style, you came to the right place. What a hit the Hoop Skirt Lawn Ornament and Pedestal Planter make.

You see why I call it “the most beautiful tomato cage in the world”?

Form and function too: six feet of solid-iron trellis with an all-weather, powder-coated finish. Perfect for small-space gardens where every item has to earn its keep, or use it on a large patio or deck as a unique accent. The heirloom-quality copper planter gives it that extra design oomph.

Most of us grow indeterminate tomatoes (the kind that ramble around and produce for many weeks)–and we need a tomato cage to support each plant.

Tomatoes grow best, resisting pests and diseases, when they have the extra air and light that comes with a cage or flat trellis.

How to choose which tomatoes to plant

Your local growing conditions are the most important factors in selecting tomato varieties.

The short-season classics that work well in most areas are ‘Early Girl’,  ‘Better Boy’ and the cherry tomato ‘Sweet Million’.

For the real skinny on what’s best in your garden, consult the academics and Master Gardeners in your region. Here are some links to put you in touch with your local experts:

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